To enhance the efficiency of our company process and provide you with a smoother experience, we have introduced a system – the Support Ticket System.

Here's how it works:

Whenever you encounter a technical issue or have a query, we will assign you a unique code, akin to a personal identification number or simply a ticket reference number. This ticket # is designed to streamline our understanding of your concern and facilitate efficient resolution.

You have the flexibility to check the status of your concern whenever you wish, using this ticket #. Whether your issue has been resolved or further information is required, you can easily stay updated.

We maintain a comprehensive record of all your technical & support queries and our corresponding responses. This repository serves as a valuable resource, especially if you encounter a similar situation in the future or wish to review our previous interactions.

To access this system and request support, we kindly ask you to register an account or login using a valid email address. This ensures that you receive updates and correspondence relevant to your concern.

If you need further clarification or guidance, please visit this link for instruction.